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Mortgages for merchant bankers

Your bank may offer generous deals on mortgages for investment bankers. However, applying directly may mean that you miss out on reduced rates, higher income multiples and preferential terms.

Many banks and high street lenders have inflexible ways of assessing your current financial situation. If you have irregular income (for example if much of your earnings arrive through bonus schemes) you may find that you’re penalised.

Mortgages for Professionals offers a discreet and personal mortgage brokerage service for investment bankers. A dedicated mortgage consultant will assess your individual situation and needs. We can then negotiate with lending departments direct to secure the best possible deal for you.

Just fill out our online mortgages for merchant bankers enquiry form for more details and we will contact you within 12 hours.

Investment banker mortgages – the benefits

Because we have built up strong relationships with most major UK lenders over the years, we are able to arrange the most competitive deals. This means that you can expect a variety of benefits when finding a mortgage through us:

  • Very high income multiples – generous affordability calculations
  • Low interest rates – for both mortgages and remortgages
  • Reduced deposit deals for first time buyers
  • Sensitive and accurate affordability calculations
  • Income based on base salary plus bonus income
  • Fast in-principle decisions1
  • Flexible terms and conditions – including fixed rate periods, cashback and low early repayment penalties
  • Deals for foreign nationals looking to purchase property

Investment bankers – arranging a deal

With a thorough knowledge of the professional mortgage sector our advisors can swiftly provide you with an in-principle decision. Simply fill out the brief mortgages for investment bankers form on the right hand side of this screen. You may also want to use our mortgage calculator to work out what your monthly repayments could be.

1An ‘in principle mortgage decision’ is not a mortgage offer and is subject to a formal application process including a valuation of the property, credit search and satisfactory references.













Investment bankers








“Thank you all for your patience and hard work in getting the purchase of Panmure Road completed yesterday. We managed to pull it back from the brink. We got the keys yesterday and everything was in order – although after 21 years of wear and tear since the title was last transferred the house needs a lot of attention to make it shiny and habitable! You all worked very hard dealing with some moving goalposts at times (not my fault!), so thank you. Just need to sell my old flat now and all will be well.”

Mr Peter Newman


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