Are you searching for a high-value mortgage or large mortgage lenders? At Mortgages for Professionals we have years of experience securing the best rates and terms for both professional and high-earner clients.

With direct access to senior underwriters at banks and lenders across the UK, we can negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. Independent and impartial, we work for you and not the mortgage lender.

If you’re looking for a large mortgage of over £300,000 or more, get in touch. We will assess your personal circumstances, no matter how complex or discrete your financial situation (for example, we can focus on projected earnings, bonus schemes etc.). Many lenders now have teams that only assess large mortgage applications. We have strong relationships with the underwriters in these departments.

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Large mortgages, low rates…

As a professional or high earner your financial and career stability can help secure low rates – no matter how high your desired mortgage value. We can arrange:

  • High value mortgages from £300,000 to over £10m. Enhanced affordability terms
  • Deals requiring little or no deposit (in certain circumstances)
  • Large mortgage deals based on future and projected earnings (deals can also incorporate bonus payments and other non-conventional income)
  • Specialist deals for foreign nationals living and working in the UK
  • No penalties for early or flexible repayments
  • Large mortgages and offset mortgages
  • Discounts and special offers – including cashback or valuation refunds

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Why use Mortgages for Professionals?

We are specialists in dealing with professionals and high-earners looking for the best possible large mortgage deals. The relationships we have built up with all of the UK’s leading banks and lenders enables us to negotiate the best possible deals – securing large mortgage amounts that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.













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“Thank you all for your patience and hard work in getting the purchase of Panmure Road completed yesterday. We managed to pull it back from the brink. We got the keys yesterday and everything was in order – although after 21 years of wear and tear since the title was last transferred the house needs a lot of attention to make it shiny and habitable! You all worked very hard dealing with some moving goalposts at times (not my fault!), so thank you. Just need to sell my old flat now and all will be well.”

Mr Peter Newman


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